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What Is a Car Chassis? June 5, 2020

Oak Harbor, Island
What Is a Car Chassis? , Oak Harbor, Washington

Your vehicle is made up of thousands of components, with each one playing an integral role in its operation. While it would likely take you years to become familiar with all the different components, there are some basic elements you should be able to identify. This will allow you to have better communication with your auto repair shop about any work being done on your car. One of the most important parts to familiarize yourself with is the chassis, which provides the vehicle with structural strength. Below is an overview of how it works. 

What Is a Chassis?

The chassis is the sturdy metal framework that a car is built on. It’s typically comprised of the engine, transmission, axles, tires, brakes, and suspension and is designed to support the full bodyweight of the vehicle. In turn, the condition of the chassis can significantly affect how well your car operates and how comfortable your driving experience is. You should have it inspected and lubricated at your auto repair shop twice a year to ensure it remains in good shape. 

What Are the Different Types?

auto repairThere are two types of chassis used in the manufacturing of vehicles. The first is referred to as body-on-frame and is usually found on larger trucks and SUVs. This is a ladder-like frame that the car body is just placed on top of. As such, they work independently of one another. These frames are highly resistant against twisting, making them easier to repair. However, they can make the car more challenging to control. 

The second kind of chassis is called unibody. These frames are attached to the vehicle’s body so that they work as a single unit and are generally used for smaller sedans, coupes, and compact SUVs. They’re much more lightweight, which means they have better fuel efficiency and impact force distribution. The biggest drawback is they’re often difficult to fix, making auto repairs more expensive.


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