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3 Germ-Prone Areas of a Home May 8, 2020

Gaithersburg, Montgomery
3 Germ-Prone Areas of a Home, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Concerns around the COVID-19 pandemic have increased the house cleaning efforts of most homeowners. While many people remember to wipe down kitchen countertops, there are a few areas that are often overlooked. Use the following guide to clean smarter and prevent germs and viruses from affecting your family.

Which Spots Should You Clean to Eliminate Bacteria?

1. Frequently Touched Surfaces

To stop the spread of germs and bacteria, wipe down all the objects you regularly touch.

Go around your home with a case of disinfecting wipes and follow your footsteps to determine what you use the most. You may need to clean headphones, microwave buttons, drawstrings on blinds, coffeemakers, doorknobs, and beauty products.

2. Toilets

house cleaningMost homeowners don’t enjoy cleaning bathrooms, especially toilets. However, plenty of germs linger in these spots.

Since gravity can keep bacteria around toilet bases, don’t skip these areas. Use a strong cleaning product, such as bleach, to scrub around the floor, the sides of the toilet, and behind the fixture. 

3. Pet Areas

The areas where a pet rests, eats, and plays can accumulate outdoor debris and bacteria.

Wash food bowls and toys at least once a week, especially those your pet brings in and out of the house. Rinse and dry them thoroughly before handing them back to your dog or cat. Wash pet beds at least once every two weeks.


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