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5 Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips June 1, 2020

Glastonbury, Hartford County
5 Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips, Glastonbury, Connecticut

During the summer, you want to make sure your air conditioner functions properly. To make sure that it can keep you cool throughout the season, you’ll need to spruce it up and contact an HVAC contractor for air conditioning maintenance. Here are a few tips to ensure a functioning air conditioner. 

5 Suggestions for Air Conditioning Maintenance 

1. Inspect Air Filters 

Since the filters catch air pollutants, irritants, and debris so that they don’t get inside your home, they become clogged over time. When that happens, they can’t do their job, and the air quality in your home worsens. If the air filter looks dirty or clogged to you, switch it out for a clean one. 

2. Examine the Coils 

Coils use refrigerant to cool the air that gets pushed into your home. They sometimes gather dirt and dust from the coolant or their fins may become crooked from external impact. Either way, the result is restricted airflow. 

Wipe the coils with warm water and basic detergent if they’re grimy, and call for professional air conditioning maintenance to have them fixed if they appear bent. 

3. Check Wires 

air conditioning maintenanceAfter turning off the power to your air conditioning, open its access panel. If the wires or their insulation covers look burned, blackened, or melted, it means that your unit has overheated. The wires may be hazardous to turn on or touch, so schedule expert air conditioning system repair as soon as possible. 

4. Wipe Fan Blades 

The fan blades work best if they’re clean and lubricated. Use a soft cloth to wipe off dust and dirt, and apply a little oil to the bearings. Call for professional air conditioning maintenance if they’re chipped, cracked, or bent, which means they’ll likely need to be replaced. 

5. Replace Outdated Thermostat 

If you have an old thermostat, it may need to be replaced. Newer models let you program what temperatures you want in your home at certain times throughout the day. It requires less effort and reduces your energy bill. If you decide to purchase a new one, an HVAC maintenance technician can connect the wires correctly. 


For efficient and reliable air conditioning maintenance, contact Glastonbury Burner & Boiler in Connecticut. With more than 30 years providing the highest quality in HVAC repair, maintenance, and installation, they’ll quickly diagnose and resolve any issues they find. They’re also available 24/7 for emergency services. To learn more about their services, call (860) 659-4120 or check out their website.

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