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What Is Earth Retention? June 5, 2020

Louisville, Jefferson
What Is Earth Retention?, Louisville, Kentucky

Before a commercial construction project starts, fortify the surrounding soil to prevent toppling and unwanted overlaps. This is where earth retention services can provide reliable support. Professional concrete lifting firms offer several solutions to stabilize the landscaping. Here’s more about what earth retention is and what techniques and pieces of equipment enable the process.

How Earth Retention Works

The goal of earth retention is to create support systems that reinforce the ground prior to developing a commercial site. From unstable slopes and tilted slabs to sinking foundations and poor soil conditions, stabilization is essential for eliminating structural issues before construction starts.  Without earth retention services, foundational and drainage problems can emerge later, which may be costly or impossible to repair.

Techniques & Equipment

concrete liftingDepending on the land’s structure, a number of earth retention tools are available. Concrete lifting companies can install temporary or permanent retaining walls with additional features. For example, helical tiebacks are anchored to the ground to connect the wall’s face to areas with soil. This provides a protective barrier away from the construction site.

Soil nailing, sheet piles, and H-pile lagging are other solutions for remediating unstable ground. Depending on the scope of the commercial construction project, an experienced concrete lifting contractor can also erect retaining walls in various heights and widths. Some factors that influence the type of earth retention system include the site’s excavation depth, the amount of available landscaping, and the construction schedule.


For more than 45 years, The Dwyer Company has provided expert earth retention solutions to a number of commercial industries. With locations in West Chester, OH, as well as Lexington and Louisville, KY, the licensed geotechnical firm utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and the latest techniques to prepare and develop a wide range of construction projects. The professional team assists with design, certification, and all specifications—from concrete lifting and earth retention to foundation repair. Call (513) 777-0998 for a free estimate. The full lineup of commercial services is available online.

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