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A Brief Guide to Men’s Health Month in June June 1, 2020

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A Brief Guide to Men’s Health Month in June, Fairbanks, Alaska

June is Men’s Health Month in the United States. The yearly celebration began in 1992 and was hosted by Men’s Health Network, an organization dedicated to shedding light on men’s health care issues. Here’s a closer look at what it entails.

What Is the Event’s Goal?

Men’s Health Month aims to raise public awareness on health issues that affect men and boys, with a particular emphasis on early detection and treatment. Health care providers, policymakers, and individuals are encouraged to be more proactive in addressing illnesses and diseases impacting men the most.

For instance, men are more susceptible to heart diseases, chronic illnesses, and injuries compared to women. They have a shorter expected life span as well—five years less than women. 

Suicide rates are higher in men because they’re less likely to seek treatment for mental health problems like anxiety and depression, often due to social stigma and pressure.

Recognizing men’s health every June serves as a reminder for others to check their mental and physical well-being at least once a year.  

How to Celebrate It

During Men’s Health Month, there will be health fairs, screenings, outreach programs, and seminars specifically catered to men and boys. If you’re not one to attend such events, below are a few ways to celebrate it.

Visit Your Doctor

health careMany men delay visiting a health care professional, dismissing symptoms as something that will go away eventually. However, doing so often results in more harm than good in the long-term. You should see your doctor more frequently, especially if you’re over 50, because of age-related illnesses, including prostate cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Let the event be your cue to drop by your doctor’s office for a yearly general checkup covering blood work, laboratory tests, and physical examination. The wellness visit allows for early detection of health conditions and prevents them from worsening with treatments.

Make Small Lifestyle Changes 

Bad habits, such as smoking, heavy drinking, eating an unhealthy diet, and skipping exercise, take a toll on your body. Start kicking these bad habits, so you’ll live a longer, healthier life.


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