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3 Energy-Saving HVAC Tricks to Use This Summer June 12, 2020

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3 Energy-Saving HVAC Tricks to Use This Summer, Thomasville, North Carolina

Luckily, boosting your HVAC system’s energy efficiency and keeping your home more comfortable aren’t mutually exclusive. There are several easy tricks you can learn that are low-cost or even completely free. With the help of a minor to-do list, you’ll be rewarded with a comfortable home all summer long, reduced utility bills, and a more eco-friendly footprint.

Easy Ways to Boost Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency

1. Seal the Windows

Many older homes have small cracks around the windows through which the conditioned air can escape. While it may not seem like much, narrow cracks in several rooms around the home can add up to a significant cooling loss. Seal your windows by replacing the weatherstripping or running a fresh line of caulking around them.

2. Move Your Thermostat

HVACMany people place their thermostat in the wrong spot where it can’t get an accurate temperature reading for the house. If it’s just inside a window and hit by direct sunlight, for example, it will read the temperature as too high and run the AC for too long. If it’s too close to a vent, on the other hand, it will register the room as too cool and cause the system to short-cycle by turning on and off frequently. Move it to a neutral area that will get a more accurate reading.

3. Replace the Air Filter

Your HVAC air filter should be replaced once per season, with more frequent changes recommended for families with shedding pets, allergies, or respiratory conditions. As the filter catches pollutants and allergens in the air, it gets clogged up. This impacts airflow, forcing the system to work harder to push air through. By replacing your filter regularly, you’ll enjoy a more efficient system and improved indoor air quality.


In addition to these tips, routine maintenance from Comfort Tech Heating and Air Conditioning will fine-tune your HVAC system’s efficiency and function for maximum comfort and savings. This contractor has been providing flexible, dependable, and friendly service and system installations for households in and around Thomasville, NC, since 1994. They guarantee their service with a two-year labor warranty and no overtime charges. Learn more on their website and call (336) 472-5858 to request a free estimate. Mention the website to receive $20 off your service.

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