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How to Bulk Up Your Arms June 18, 2020

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How to Bulk Up Your Arms, Clearview, Washington

Developing arm muscles is a common goal among bodybuilders and gym-goers alike. If you want to build your forearms, biceps, and triceps, there are several exercises you can add to your daily workouts and changes to your lifestyle you can make. Consult the following guide on how to build your arm muscles with home gym workouts and online fitness training

4 Ways to Build Arm Muscles

1. Focus on Angles

Biceps rotate the wrists and lift the forearms to the shoulders, while triceps extend the elbows. Train your arms from as many angles as possible to build the muscles evenly. For a complete bicep stretch, do curls on an incline. Target the upper areas of the biceps by doing chin-ups or high cable pulleys. Do overhead tricep extensions to build all regions of the muscle.

2. Add Reps & Sets

online fitness trainingAdd sets to your workout to encourage muscle growth. Work your way up to at least three arm sets per week. Avoid injury by slowly increasing your volume. Start by adding arm sets to your daily online fitness training, and devote one day a week to arms. 

3. Restrict Blood Flow 

Restricting blood flow to the muscles causes blood to pool and activates the fibers, which bulks up the arms. Wrap your arms with knee wraps tight enough to restrict blood flow but without causing discomfort. With the wraps on, do bicep rope press-downs and standing dumbbell curls in reps of 30 and 15. 

4. Gain Weight

Gaining one solid inch on your arms typically requires gaining about 10 pounds. Most bodybuilders set a one-half pound weight gain goal per week, so increase your caloric intake as necessary. Healthy sources of protein, carbs, and fat include meat, poultry, fish, whole grains, dairy, fruits, starchy vegetables, seeds, nuts, beans, legumes, and olive oil. Make sure you are eating frequent, balanced meals in order to stay healthy, strong, and supported. 


Build muscle and stay fit with online fitness training from Life & Elite Fitness CO. This gym and fitness center offers home workouts and personal training to Snohomish, WA, clients. Call (206) 450-0964 to ask about digital training packages and pricing. Visit the website to browse through resources and tips for fitness and personal health. 

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