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3 Reasons School Spirit is Important May 6, 2020

Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
3 Reasons School Spirit is Important, Cincinnati, Ohio

Some of the best memories students make in high school involve school spirit. Whether it’s cheering at a football game or going on a fun field trip wearing custom t-shirts, people who attend the same school will share these memories forever. Many schools have found it to be beneficial to promote school pride. Here are some of the reasons why school spirit is important.

Why Should You Promote School Spirit?

1. It Can Motivate

There are ways you can use custom school apparel as a way to motivate students. For instance, maybe you can receive a free custom T-Shirt for participating in certain events or having a good attendance record.

You can also use school apparel as a reward for reaching fundraising goals. You could even sell spirit apparel as the fundraiser itself! There are plenty of ways school spirit can be an incentive for students to participate in the school’s community.

2. It Can Help Field Trips Run Smoothly 

custom t-shirts-CincinnatiOne often overlooked benefit of school spirit wear is how helpful it can be during a chaotic field trip. If you’ve ever had to chaperone a field trip, then you know how hard it can be to keep track of everyone!

Having custom t-shirts for all of the students to wear on the trip will make it easier to ensure everyone is together. This not only helps the adults managing the group, but it also makes things safer for the students.

3. It Can Boost Morale

Wearing a custom t-shirt that represents their school gives students a sense of belonging. It can help them bond with others due to their shared pride. Taking pride in your school can also help with fun events. Maybe students can be encouraged to wear school apparel every Friday, or maybe shirts can be worn on field day.

Of course, wearing school apparel during homecoming week or at pep rallies is always fun. Events like these, whether they’re major or minor, bring students together and boost overall morale.


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