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A Guide to Different Caster Styles May 27, 2020

Baltimore County,
A Guide to Different Caster Styles, ,

Both at home and in the workplace, being able to easily move heavy furniture and equipment is essential. This is where casters can help. These wheels transition stationary objects into portable ones. Below is a brief explanation of what they do and a guide to help you decide which type works best for your object or project.

What Are Casters?

Casters consist of a single wheel and a mounted frame. You can find them on rolling chairs, workbenches, and movable kitchen islands. They allow you to roll and maneuver an object smoothly across the floor.

There are two main categories: swivel and rigid. Swivel casters allow the wheels to rotate 360 degrees and are perfect for turning and maneuvering industrial equipment. Rigid ones do not swivel so they can only move forward or backward. They are usually stronger than the swivel ones but only work with objects that do not require a vast range of motion.

What Are the Different Types?


Plate casters can be easily identified due to their square-shaped mounting frame. Each corner contains a hole to screw or bolt the object to the mounting surface, which allows for excellent durability and stability. This type works well for transporting heavy objects.



Locking casters contain a module that allows you to lock your object in place. Once you have moved your object, you can secure it so that it can no longer roll around or away. This type functions well for surfaces where people will be working, like kitchen islands. They will not swivel from side to side while locked either, which will keep your project stable.


Stem types feature a cylindrical-shaped mounting rod that is attached to the wheel, making it resemble a stem. You can place the rod into the object’s mounting slot, but it must be the same size for it to work.

You can choose from three common stem styles: threaded, grip ring, and grip neck stems. Threaded stems slide into the object’s pre-drilled hole and are screwed into place. Grip ring stems use steel rings to hold the stem in place. Grip neck stems work best with wood furniture and require the furniture's sockets to hold them in place. 


Leveling casters pair well with objects that need to regularly switch from stationary to transportable. Screw or bolt your object to the mounting plate. You can then adjust the leveling pad to compensate for uneven flooring to maintain stability.


Move your heavy objects easily with the help of Casters, Wheels and Industrial Handling in New York, NY. Since 1959, the company has met the mobility and storage needs of industries across the country. From wheels for backstage equipment to shelving, they offer a wide selection of dependable products. Browse their selection online and call (631) 650-0500 to place an order.

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