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How to Protect Your Lawn From Brown Patch Fungus & Grubs May 1, 2020

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How to Protect Your Lawn From Brown Patch Fungus & Grubs, Catawba Springs, North Carolina

As May arrives, North Carolina property owners will be faced with unique environmental issues. Specifically, they’ll need to take precautions to deal with “Brown Patch” fungus and “lawn grubs,” the larva form of Scarab Beetles. To keep your yard clear of these intruders, take advantage of the following lawn service guide.

A Brief Guide to Brown Patch & Grub Control Treatments

What Is Brown Patch Fungus?

In North Carolina, average weather patterns indicate heavy rainfall for May. This, combined with the warmer temperatures and lingering humidity, creates the perfect environment for fungal growth. This will spread throughout your green grass, which is just starting to thrive in the warmer weather.

Eventually, fungi will leave brown patches, which make your property look dead and unkempt. These patches can’t be restored until the fall, during aeration. Luckily, your lawn service can apply a fungicide every two to four weeks, starting in May, before the fungus can take hold.

The Need for Grub Control

lawn serviceGrubs are the main food source for moles, and are common around the months of May and June. Not only can the grubs damage your lawn, but the moles they attract will dig large tunnels and mounds throughout your landscape.

Over 45 days, the grubs mature into beetles and wreak havoc on delicate plants and flowers. Then, they’ll lay eggs of their own, creating endless grub cycles. By applying a treatment to exterminate the grubs, your lawn service can stop this cycle from repeating.

What Are the Benefits of These Lawn Services?

The fungicide and grub control treatments are proactive services, which will prevent the issues from developing in the first place. If left to take hold of your lawn, the brown patch fungus will be much harder to eradicate. If the grubs are allowed to thrive and attract moles, you’ll be left with dirt mounds scattered across your landscape.

Curative lawn services are much more expensive than proactive ones, and could require multiple applications. So by investing in preventive treatment, you can save time and money, and maintain your property’s curb appeal.


If you’re interested in brown patch fungicide and grub control treatments, turn to R & T Lawn Services, Inc. in Denver, NC. They are proud to provide these lawn services to area residents. They’ve been perfecting their skills since 1999, offering everything from aeration to fertilization to keep yards healthy and lush. To learn more about their affordable and lasting services, visit their website. You can also call (704) 589-0713 to schedule a free consultation.

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