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4 FAQ About Seal Coating May 6, 2020

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4 FAQ About Seal Coating, 9, Tennessee

Whether it’s a residential driveway or commercial parking lot, maintaining your asphalt is key to keeping it functional and attractive. Seal coating prevents various defects from forming that can diminish the look of asphalt and potentially lead to liability issues. Learn more about how sealing works and why it’s highly recommended. 

A Guide to Seal Coating

Why does asphalt break down?

Moisture is a major cause of asphalt deterioration. Once cracks in asphalt form, moisture can seep into the ground and cause problems, including potholes, depressions, and rippling. After seal coating is applied, asphalt is protected from water intrusion, as well as defects caused by oil and gas. 

How do I prepare my asphalt for sealing?

Seal CoatingAll vehicles and machinery should be cleared off the asphalt, so the seal coating crew has easy access. The asphalt will also need to be cleaned before the coat can be applied. This usually entails power washing the surface, which removes built-up dirt and grime.

How long must I wait after before driving on it?

While it typically depends on the humidity level in the air, as well as the temperature, it’s best to wait from 48 to 72 hours before driving a vehicle on the asphalt after it’s been sealed. However, you may be able to walk on it after 24 hours. 

How often should asphalt be seal coated?

For the best possible results, you should seal an asphalt driveway or parking lot every one to three years. Additionally, seal coating should only be applied on a dry day when the temperature is 50 degrees or higher.


In addition to installing driveways and parking lots, Bennett Paving LLC in Cookeville, TN, also offers seal coating, re-striping, and asphalt resurfacing. These experts have performed quality work for both commercial or residential properties throughout Putnam, Overton, and Jackson counties since 1970. Feel free to call (931) 858-4596 to discuss your project, or visit their website for a complete listing of services. 

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