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5 Clubs Every Golfer Should Have in Their Bag April 20, 2020

Evendale, Evendale
5 Clubs Every Golfer Should Have in Their Bag, Evendale, Ohio

When you’re new to the exhilarating game of golf, you might be overwhelmed by all the supplies that can help you gear up for the green. Fortunately, you don’t need to have everything all at once—especially when it comes to golf clubs. Rather than toting around a complete set of 14 clubs, you can start with the essentials and gradually expand your arsenal over time.

The Essential Types of Golf Clubs & How They’re Used

1. 3-Wood  

Although experienced golfers prefer to use 4- or 5-woods, most beginners will work with a 3-wood that is much easier to manipulate. Designed for fairway swings, this club can help provide you with substantial distance without giving the ball the same amount of loft as a driver would.

2. Irons

When a swing requires accuracy but a short distance, irons are the best tool to pull out of your bag. Compared to woods, these steel-alloy golf clubs are shorter to decrease the power and have a slimmer, more angled face to increase loft. 

Irons are ranked from 3 to 9. The higher the number, the more loft it provides. Most beginners will start with just a 3-iron, but eventually, find it helpful to have higher-ranked clubs as they start to drive balls closer to the hole.

3. Driver

golf clubSometimes referred to as the 1-wood, the driver is the heaviest and longest club you’ll have in your bag. When you tee off, you’ll use this weighty and powerful tool to smack the ball great distances, as well as give it some height. If you’re at a 5-par hole, you might also use the driver on the fairway to ensure you cover enough distance.  

4. Wedge

Wedges are technically irons, their heavy heads and steep angles distinguish them. Providing the highest amount of loft with minimal power, these clubs are ideal for getting balls out of sand traps or covering distances less than 100 yards.

5. Putter

Compared to other, rounder golf clubs, putters feature more block-like heads. Once you reach the green, you’ll use the tool to cover small distances and get the ball into the hole. Since there are many different types to choose from, you’ll need to experiment with a few putters before deciding which one fits your playing style.


Serving players of all skill levels, Etter’s Golf Center is the place to go when you’re ready to choose new clubs. This shop’s experienced staff understands the personalized nature of the game and will help you select the most effective and comfortable golf clubs for you. They also offer individual lessons and a top-notch driving range to help you improve your swing. To learn more about their products and programs, visit this Cincinnati, OH, golf shop online or call a friendly associate at (513) 563-8661.

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