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A Guide to Boxing Glove Maintenance May 22, 2020

Moanalua, Honolulu
A Guide to Boxing Glove Maintenance, Honolulu, Hawaii

Boxing gloves can take a beating over time, but taking steps to maintain them will keep them in optimal shape. To provide some insight into the maintenance process, here’s a helpful guide.

How Long Do Boxing Gloves Last?

Typically, boxing gloves last anywhere between one to two years. Their longevity is affected by how hard you train and the quality and upkeep of the gloves. The better you maintain them, the longer their life span will be.

When Do They Need to Be Replaced?

boxingThere are a couple signs of wear to keep an eye out for that indicate it’s time for a replacement. The most obvious visual clue is if your gloves become torn, exposing the interior padding. This can drastically limit their ability to protect your hands, and you also run the risk of injuring your opponent with the torn outer material.

Over time, you may also notice the gloves develop an odor. This smell can get trapped inside the fibers of the gloves, making it difficult to clean. If the smell persists even after cleaning, you likely need a replacement pair.

How Can You Maintain Them?

Always use a natural cleaning spray on a clean cloth to preserve the gloves’ leather or synthetic material. Dry them thoroughly as well, as moisture accumulation can damage the material. Stow them in a cool, dry place so they won’t absorb excess moisture and develop an unpleasant smell.


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