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Pet Boarding or Sitting: Which Is the Right Choice? June 4, 2020

Washington Heights, Manhattan
Pet Boarding or Sitting: Which Is the Right Choice?, Manhattan, New York

It can be tough to decide what to do with your pet when you have to go out of town. If it’s not possible to bring them along, then you generally have two options: bring them to a boarding facility or have a reliable pet sitting professional take care of them. Which is the right choice for you and your fur baby? Here’s what you should know about both services.

Pet Boarding

Boarding your pet involves leaving your pet in the care of someone else in a facility away from your home. Pet boarding locations are almost like hotels for animals, complete with amenities that are focused on their comfort and safety. For many owners, this is the right choice because it provides them with peace of mind knowing that their beloved animals are in the safe hands of someone who has experience and the pet’s best interests in mind.

If you have a puppy, this is a particularly smart choice. Little dogs require significant care and attention, including routine bathroom breaks and socialization. Regular bonding with other people is key to a dog’s well-being, and this is an easy way to expose your pup to others.

Even older dogs can benefit from boarding if they tend to feel anxious or behave aggressively when you aren’t around. If they left the home in disarray when you’ve left in the past, then it’s best to leave them at a pet boarding facility.

Pet Sitting

pet sittingA pet sitter comes to your home to take care of your animal. They may come over a couple of times during the day, or they might stay for the entire period that you’re gone. It depends largely on your pet’s needs.

Pet sitting is a great choice for those who have many animals at home. Your pets are likely used to each other and appreciate the company, plus they’re familiar with the surroundings.

If you have an older dog, a sitter may be a better option than boarding. As aging pets slow down, it can be difficult for them to move around, too. Staying in a place that’s safe and familiar is key to helping them stay comfortable, especially when you are not around.


Can’t decide between pet sitting and pet boarding? Call the team at Pet Fashion and Grooming in Hudson Heights, Manhattan, to determine the best option for you. Proudly serving local pet parents since 2008, the facility provides a number of services to ensure that your animal is safe, secure, and well-groomed. Turn to them for doggy day care, grooming, pet accessories, and food. Visit their website or call (347) 726-9409 for more information.

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