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3 Warning Signs a Senior Shouldn't Drive April 20, 2020

Downtown Henderson, Henderson
3 Warning Signs a Senior Shouldn't Drive , Henderson, Kentucky

Talking to aging parents about giving up their car keys can be tough, but it’s often necessary to protect their safety and the safety of others on the road. Luckily, in-home assistance programs are available that can help them still enjoy some independence at home without the need to drive. Here are some of the warning signs to look out if you’re concerned about the ability of your parents or other elderly family members to safely drive.

What are the Signs a Senior Should No Longer Drive?

1. They Have Trouble Seeing or Hearing

Vision and hearing are both essential for staying safe on the road. If they can’t see clearly while they’re reading or performing chores around the house, they may also miss pedestrians, road signs, or other vehicles on the road. If they constantly ask you to repeat yourself or keep the TV at a high volume, they may miss emergency sirens or sounds from other vehicles while driving.

2. They Can’t Always Focus or Remember Things

in-home-assistance-HendersonDriving safely also requires a certain amount of brainpower. If your loved one has trouble remembering recent events or cannot follow a story for more than a moment, then they may forget where they’re going or get easily distracted when they’re in a car. This can ultimately lead to them getting lost or other unsafe situations.

3. They Have Accidents or Close Calls

An influx of car accidents or tickets should also indicate that it’s not safe for your loved one to continue driving. They may not always tell you when these instances have occurred, but if you see scratches or dents on their vehicle, that may mean that they’ve been in a small fender bender or scraped their vehicle against an obstruction without realizing it.


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