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4 Common Dog Allergies June 1, 2020

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4 Common Dog Allergies, Sanford, North Carolina

Like humans, dogs may suffer from allergies that cause pain and discomfort. Fortunately, most issues are treatable with dietary changes, medication, and help from veterinarians. Here’s more about common allergies that affect dogs and how to provide relief. 

What Allergies Do Dogs Experience?

1. Food

When dogs are allergic to food, they may exhibit a range of symptoms, including itching, vomiting, and nausea. This often occurs as a result of certain ingredients. 

Ask your veterinarian to perform an allergy test so that you’ll know what to avoid. If your dog occasionally eats human food, this may be the culprit since canines are allergic to most meat, dairy, wheat, and soy products.

2. Fleas

veterinarianFlea bites often result in allergic dermatitis, which is the most common dermatological disease that affects canines. Flea saliva contains histamine, polypeptides, and amino acids that cause skin itching and irritation. For relief, a veterinarian can prescribe anti-inflammatory medication and an oral or topical flea treatment.

3. Seasonal 

Dogs may have seasonal allergies due to mold and pollen exposure. These allergenic particles often cause hives, rashes, red eyes, and sneezing. Ask your veterinarian to prescribe antihistamines to reduce seasonal allergy symptoms. 

4. Shampoo

Dog shampoo may contain perfumes, oils, and active ingredients that irritate your dog’s skin. If your canine experiences hives, swelling, itching, or lesions after you bathe them, discontinue the use of the products and ask your veterinarian about gentle soaps for bathing. There are plenty of prescription options available for dogs with sensitive skin.


If your dogs suffer from occasional or chronic allergies, get in touch with Carolina Veterinary Hospital in Sanford, NC. These veterinarians provide dermatology, allergy testing, and medicated bathing to pets. Call this animal clinic at (919) 258-3349 anytime you need emergency pet care or visit their website to learn more about their diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventative services.