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Why Businesses Should Have Parking Lot Lighting May 18, 2020

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Why Businesses Should Have Parking Lot Lighting, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Parking lots are an important part of your business facility, offering customers, clients, and vendors a convenient place to leave their vehicles while inside. They are also where your employees will park their cars while at work, and if their shift extends into the evening or night, good lighting is vital. If your parking lot is not well lit, here are a few reasons to call an electrician today.

Safety & Security

Anyone walking or driving through should be able to identify a person 100 feet away from them. All structures, curbs, and hazards should be visible, and even areas between cars should be well lit.

A good lighting design lowers incidents of crime, including car thefts, assaults, and vandalism. If something does occur, you are more likely to see the culprit on security footage when there is enough illumination.

electricianIf accidents occur on your property, you may be on the hook for damages and can get sued for not providing a safe area. When drivers can’t see adequately, the risk of collisions with other cars, obstructions, and pedestrians increases.

Even people walking to their car are more vulnerable to slips and falls when problems in the asphalt are not easy to see. Cracks, potholes, and debris can cause people to trip and hurt themselves.

Business Benefits

Your business will also get a boost when you call an electrician to design better parking lot lighting. Customers and clients will have no trouble finding your location when your property is well lit. It shows that you care about your facility and put effort into making it welcoming and safe for anyone who visits.

Choosing LED and automated systems, in particular, will save you money. LED technology uses less energy than traditional lighting, which lowers your costs to run your system. Less energy is also less of a drain on resources, making your company eco-friendlier. LEDs can be automated as well so that they turn on and off at preset times, so electricity isn’t running unless it’s necessary.


If you need an electrician to install or upgrade the lighting in your parking lot, E-Con Electric, Inc. can help. Since 1970, these commercial electricians have been the top choice in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, offering everything from lighting design and sign lighting to code upgrades and corrections. The electrical contractor offers a one-year warranty on parts and labor, so you know your installation or repair will be covered. For a free estimate or 24/7 emergency services, call (715) 423-8440. Visit them online to learn more about their electrical maintenance options.

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