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Planning a Kitchen Remodel? 3 Tips for Incorporating an Island April 22, 2020

Columbia, Boone
Planning a Kitchen Remodel? 3 Tips for Incorporating an Island, Columbia, Missouri

From creating more storage space to making interiors more comfortable and inviting for entertaining, there are numerous reasons homeowners embark on kitchen remodeling projects. Adding a kitchen island can make all the difference in boosting the functionality of your space. To achieve your desired renovation goals, discuss the option of island installation with a general contractor. Here are a few points to consider during the planning stages if you’d like to add an island to your kitchen.  

3 Factors to Consider When Adding a Kitchen Island

1. Size 

Although an island is a dominant fixture, it shouldn’t take up most of a kitchen’s floor space. There should be a clearance of at least three feet on each side of the island so that the rest of the room is easy and safe to maneuver through even when appliance and cabinet doors are open.

To gauge what size island is right for your kitchen, put a small table—such as the coffee table or an end table—in the space for reference. Tape cardboard of varying lengths on the table as extensions until you find a suitable size. You can also place books under the legs to adjust the height. Jot down the dimensions and give them to your contractor.   

2. Purpose

Columbia-Missouri-kitchen-remodelA kitchen island can serve several functions. When weighing options, consider its primary use in your kitchen. An island with an expansive counter, for example, lets kids easily spread out homework after school. It can also be used as an informal dining table for family dinners or a station to display charcuterie boards and other snacks when guests come over. 

For a combination of dining and food preparation space, an island with a cooktop stove will come in handy. It eliminates the need to go back and forth to perimeter counters, making cooking a more efficient process. Cooktop islands require an exhaust hood to improve ventilation; some models can even vent smoke downward through grates in the stove. To keep dishes from piling up in the primary sink, consider an island with one built in, too.  

3. Plumbing, Electricity & Gas Requirements

If you want to install an island with a cooking surface, you’ll need gas or electricity to use it. So that you aren’t met with any surprises, talk with your kitchen remodeling contractor about installation requirements. This could include breaking through concrete slabs to redirect buried gas and electrical lines up through the floor to the island. If you plan to install a sink with an island during the kitchen remodel, the contractor can discuss ways to contain the drainpipes and vents within the fixture.


If you are planning a kitchen remodel, reach out to the home improvement specialists at Naugle Construction Company in Columbia, MO, for help. They use best practices for construction, ensuring clients’ projects meet building requirements and deliver results that exceed expectations. To see how the team will put their 50-plus years of experience to work for you, call (573) 474-9444 to schedule a consultation. See the other interior and exterior remodeling work they can help with online and check out Facebook for project photos. 

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