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4 Ways to Help Your Child with Ballet April 20, 2020

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4 Ways to Help Your Child with Ballet, Newark, Ohio

Ballet is an excellent activity to help your child get physical exercise, learn discipline, and express their creativity. However, as with any interest, ballet requires consistent effort and energy to continually improve. If you want to help your child grow during their dance class, consider trying the following four easy tips.

How to Help Your Child in Ballet

1. Regular Sleep Schedule

Ballet is a refined dance, requiring focus and attention to not only learn their steps but complete them with proper form. Help your child concentrate better during their class by developing a regular sleep schedule. This will ensure they go to bed and wake at a regular time, getting anywhere from eight to 10 hours of rest depending on their age.

2. Stick to Nutritional Foods 

balletAny form of dance involves rigorous exercise and repetitive actions, making it crucial your child has enough energy to perform their moves. Eating a well-balanced diet of proteins, fruits, vegetables, and dairy will help them have the strength and stamina they need to tackle new moves and routines. Healthy meals and snacks will also help their developing muscles and bodies, setting them up for success as they continue their ballet practices.

3. Encourage Daily Stretching

It can sometimes be difficult for a child to focus on stretching because they don’t see results right away. However, it’s a vital part of the strength and mobility aspects of ballet. Set aside 15 minutes every day to work through some easy stretches with your child. You can make it fun by letting them pick the music they listen to while performing this activity.

4. Create a Dance Space

The best way to help your child advance in ballet is by encouraging them to practice their moves. This means finding a space in your home for them to have room to move and perfect positions. You can also include a full-length mirror, ballet barre, and smooth flooring like wood or tile to help them stick their moves.


Whether your child is new to ballet or wants to elevate their dancing, the team at Joan Garrett Dance Arts Studio in Newark, OH, has the experience and skills you need. For the last 50 years, these instructors have provided children of all ages with a variety of dance styles to choose from, allowing them to express their creativity through exercise. To learn more about this dance studio, visit them online or call (740) 344-8789.