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Do Only Extroverts Excel as Real Estate Agents? May 18, 2020

Wauwatosa, Milwaukee
Do Only Extroverts Excel as Real Estate Agents?, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Since real estate agents spend so much time talking to clients and promoting their services, many introverts assume they’d fail in the role. However, both types of personalities possess unique strengths that can help them succeed in this rewarding industry. Here’s why aspiring agents shouldn’t stress over how shy or outgoing they are. 

Why Introverts Can Make Excellent Real Estate Agents

Develop Close Relationships

Extroverts might have an easier time reaching out to potential clients and contacts. However, introverts are more likely to develop deep, sustainable relationships with them, as they often have better listening skills and thrive when communicating one on one. Such relationships are extremely beneficial for a growing realty business. 

Anticipate Needs & Offer Solutions

Observant and reflective, introverts can often tell how a person is feeling based on their body language and manner of speech. Consequently, more introspective real estate agents can sometimes anticipate a client’s concerns and answer their questions before the client even asks them. Similarly, an introvert’s reflective and inquisitive nature can also help them quickly develop solutions to problems. 

Maintain Focus

real estate agentFrom solving clients’ problems to managing paperwork, a real estate agent faces a number of complex tasks each day. Because introverts tend to spend a lot of time thinking rather than talking, they often have an easier time focusing and getting through the workday with maximum productivity.

Employ Objectivity

An observant, analytical mindset makes it easy to understand all sides of a dilemma. This is a valuable tool when helping clients use logic to navigate roadblocks and preventing them from making poor decisions influenced purely by emotion. 

What About Extroverts?

As you probably already know, extroverts bring a number of benefits to the world of real estate. For instance, their ability to engage in easy small talk with strangers under any circumstances makes expanding their client base simple. In addition, they often appear optimistic and friendly, which can help them gain a client’s trust. Ultimately, no matter what personality type you have, you can harness your inherent skills to enjoy a thriving career in real estate. 


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