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5 Surprising Benefits of Having Bird Feeders in Your Yard April 24, 2020

Whiteville, Baxter
5 Surprising Benefits of Having Bird Feeders in Your Yard, Whiteville, Arkansas

A simple way to enhance the vibrancy and beauty of your yard is with the addition of bird feeders. With a visit to your local feed store and a bit of handiwork, you can make your home a welcoming place to colorful native birds. They’ll help improve your lawn’s health, control pests, and give you a chance to relax and enjoy nature. Below are some ways you and these little animals can benefit from installing bird feeders.

The Advantages of Having Bird Feeders

1. Relax and De-Stress with Vibrant Bird Visitors

Life can become stressful at times, which is why many people maintain bird feeders. These simple contraptions help transform your lawn into a place of natural beauty. From relaxing in the morning to unwinding in the evening, the cheery presence of birds is a stress-free way to interact with local wildlife.

2. Nature Education for Young Ones

imageChildren can benefit enormously from feeding birds. Changing the type of feeder and seed each season can help broaden their understanding and appreciation of different species and their needs. Take your child with you on your next trip to the feed store to talk through different types of seed and make them a part of the project.

3. Keep Weeds Under Control

Not only will birds eagerly eat the seed you provide them, but your feeder will draw their attention to less beneficial seeds in your yard as well. Smaller birds like finches and sparrows will eat enormous amounts, including those which will sprout into weeds or other unwanted vegetation.

4. Help Baby Birds Thrive

Bird feeders are great spots for birds to meet and mate, and birds that have access to food will have more time and energy to find food for their young. A study by bird experts at Millikin University found that populations in areas with feeders present were significantly healthier and more active than those without them.

5. Reduce Insect Populations

While birds will eagerly consume what you find at the feed store, many are omnivorous and will eat the insects, spiders, snails, and other pests that live in your yard. This will balance the ecosystem on your property and help control the insect population. 


Contact Gregg Farm Services Inc in Gassville, AR for supplies and advice for your next bird feeder project. As the premier farm equipment and feed store in the Midway, AR, area, these experts can provide you with all the tools and knowledge you need for your next home gardening or farming project. Find out more about what they offer online or call them at (870) 481-5165.
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