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3 Common Myths About Birds Dispelled May 15, 2020

Lincoln, Lancaster
3 Common Myths About Birds Dispelled, Lincoln, Nebraska

If you’re an enthusiast who loves watching birds hover around bird feeders in your backyard, you probably want to know more about them. Being privy about their behaviors and traits can make your bird watching session a lot more interesting. Below are three common myths about birds and the truth behind them to help you better understand their nature, behavior, and motivations.

What Are Some Myths About Birds?

1. Birds Aren’t Smart

Animal lovers know just how smart household pets can be. However, many observers claim that birds might be one of the most intelligent animals. For example, birds can identify their relatives even if they haven’t been together in years. They can also remember where they can get food, hence their regular visits to certain bird feeders.

2. Birds Won’t Migrate If You Feed Them in Fall

bird feedersThere is a misconception that feeding birds in the fall will stop them from migrating, causing them to die in the cold of winter. Because of this myth, some bird observers choose not to load their bird feeders before temperatures drop. This belief, however, is a myth. Even if food is plentiful in fall, birds will still migrate because of the shortened days. They may also look for warmer conditions to build their nests and raise their young.

3. Baby Birds Touched by Humans Are Abandoned by Their Parents

There is a misconception that touching a nestling will leave behind your human scent and cause the parents to abandon it. This, however, is untrue. While some birds like kiwis, seabirds, and vultures have well-developed olfactory glands that help them locate food, biologists agree that most backyard birds don't have a very strong sense of smell. As such, they won’t be alarmed even if you leave a trace of your scent. If you see a nest of baby birds that seems to be abandoned, the parent is probably just looking for food or lurking nearby and waiting for you to leave. 


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