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4 Excellent Materials for Kitchen Countertops August 13, 2020

Greenburgh, Westchester
4 Excellent Materials for Kitchen Countertops, Greenburgh, New York

If you're planning a kitchen remodeling project, the first decision you should make is what countertop material you're using. After all, the countertop is the centerpiece of many kitchen designs, and it can be challenging to match the specific patterns or colors of flooring and other materials if you choose them first. To help you select the right countertop for your vision, learn more about some of the most popular and high-quality options available.

What Material Should Your Countertop Be?

1. Metal

For the most durable modern countertop surface, nothing beats stainless steel. It's nearly impossible to scratch, chip, or stain, and it's easy to sanitize. Copper is slightly softer, but what it lacks in scratch resistance, it makes up for with its unique, vibrant appearance.

2. Natural Stone

Kitchen RemodelingStone is a naturally attractive material because each piece has a unique pattern and character. There's also a wide range of options available, from white quartz and marble to multicolored granite and dark obsidian. Stone needs to be correctly sealed and maintained to protect its porous surface, but with care, it's durable, attractive, and difficult to scratch or stain.

3. Wood

Wood countertops are seeing a surge in popularity. Like stone, wood has a natural beauty and character in every piece. It's also an excellent choice for food prep surfaces because it's gentle on knives and other tools, and flaws can be sanded out. You can choose a solid slab, reclaimed wood with a weathered look, or even a durable butcher block surface made of multiple pieces of wood laminated together.

4. Tile

Tile is one of the most traditional countertop options. While they aren't as durable as metal, ceramic tiles are still scratch-resistant, and ones that crack can be replaced without replacing the whole countertop. You'll need to take extra care when cleaning the grout, but the tiles themselves won't stain.


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