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5 Facebook Tips for Real Estate Agents May 25, 2020

Wauwatosa, Milwaukee
5 Facebook Tips for Real Estate Agents, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

One of the challenges of being a successful real estate agent is mastering social media platforms like Facebook. Challenging or not, it can be fun to reach out and connect with potential clients in a comfortable environment. Facebook is an excellent way to take your performance to the next level. Here are some fundamental tips to follow.

5 Suggestions for Using Facebook as a Real Estate Agent 

1. Emphasize Relevance & Action 

Although getting likes, shares, and comments on your business page increases your visibility and reach, it’s equally important to encourage potential clients to actually begin a business transaction with you. Take advantage of Facebook’s tabs to maximize what users can learn about your services and events, and invite them to message you directly from Facebook for a prompt response. Make three to five posts a day with concise details about real estate in your area, always including a strong call to action. 

2. Post Photos & Videos 

With the majority of your posts, include photos or videos of homes that you’re currently trying to sell. Once in a while, mix in a shot of you posing with satisfied customers.

real estate agentPosts like these are more likely to catch the attention and interest of people whether they’re actively searching for information or just scrolling. Also, update your cover photo frequently to show an especially desirable home that’s on the market.

3. Provide Facts & Advice 

Use polls and Q&A sessions to find out the most common questions people have about buying, selling, or valuing houses so that you can answer them in posts or blog articles. Offer tips they may not even know they need. Don’t be afraid to use humor, too, as long as it’s appropriate and uncontroversial. Use these interactions to include a call to action as well.

4. Get Involved & Socialize 

Your personal presence on your real estate profile is crucial. Show your clients how much you care about them and the community by replying to their comments and promoting local activities, events, businesses, and developments. This is also helpful for people who are moving into your area and want to get more familiar with the local culture. You can even host small events of your own in the form of contests, raffles, and sweepstakes. 

5. Use the Power Editor 

Facebook’s Power Editor tool lets you run ads targeted at specific demographics. This tool can fine-tune your audience based on several factors, such as specific neighborhoods. Encouraging your friends and family to refer you to potential clients can be helpful for drumming up business, but it’s more effective to use ads to focus on reaching out to people who may be actively looking for a real estate agent.


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