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3 Home Improvement Projects That Require Excavating May 11, 2020

Victor, Ontario
3 Home Improvement Projects That Require Excavating, Victor, New York

Home improvement projects can vary widely in their complexity. Some can be as simple as adding a new coat of paint, while others require specialized construction equipment and expertise. If you want to complete projects properly, you need to start with a strong base. In some cases, that involves working with an excavating contractor that can dig into the ground or clear obstructions on your property.

Property Improvements That Need Proper Excavation

1. New Landscape Design

A new patio, retaining wall, garden beds, or a pond can dramatically improve the look of your yard. However, all of these projects require an even foundation. Otherwise, they could shift or crumble as outdoor conditions change. This means that the ground below will need to be dug up so that base materials like gravel or concrete can be added prior to construction.

2. Septic System Installation

excavatingA septic system eliminates the need for a home to connect to municipal water systems. It’s an efficient and affordable way of disposing of waste and treating wastewater. These systems consist of tanks that are placed below the ground, so if you want to add a new system or replace an aging one, you’ll need an excavator to dig a sufficient hole where the tank and lines can be installed.

3. Foundation Repair or Construction

A strong foundation is essential for maintaining a stable home structure. If yours is beginning to crack or shift, excavation may be necessary to reach the base of the home to repair or replace part of the slab. Additionally, new home construction and additions in which the home is being expanded on the ground level require excavation so that new foundation materials can be laid.


If you have home improvement projects that require excavating, call Victor Enterprises in Ontario County, NY. The licensed and bonded trucking service provides construction site development, excavation, and hauling services to homeowners and businesses throughout the area. They also have the equipment necessary to maintain proper safety conditions and haul goods up to 60 tons. To see a full list of services, visit the company’s website or call (585) 742-2232 to request a quote.

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