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A Guide to Father's Day Flower Arrangements June 5, 2020

Midtown East, Manhattan
A Guide to Father's Day Flower Arrangements, Manhattan, New York

Father’s Day is an excellent opportunity to say thank you to the father figures in your life. From giving your own dad a big thank you to expressing appreciation for the mentors, grandparents, uncles, and in-laws who guide you, you might wonder what to get for that special guy. If flowers don’t immediately come to mind, don’t knock the idea down just yet. Here is a little more information about Father’s Day floral arrangements, and what to look for when you order.

Which Flower Arrangements Work For Men? 

While a bouquet of roses may not be right for your dad, husband, or boss, a gorgeous array of living plants might be perfect. From succulent gardens to low-maintenance plants for their desks, living plants work well for men, especially if they love the outdoors. Air plants also work well, since they are incredibly low-maintenance and offer a modern feel. 

Plant arrangements can be placed in reusable pots or planters, making it easy to create an eco-friendly take on gifting plants. For the perfect combination of flowers and living plants, consider a plant that will bloom during certain parts of the year, such as a flowering lily plant. 

What Else Should You Consider?  

flowersYou should also think about whether men struggle with allergies or have pets at home or in their offices. If the men you love have allergies, consider gifting pollen-free plants, such as succulents, over flowering varieties. Additionally, if they have pets, check to make sure that plants aren’t toxic to animals that may be curious about incoming decorations. 



If you are looking for floral arrangements that will work for that special someone in your life, turn to Madison Avenue Florist Ltd. in New York, NY. In addition to offering a variety of arrangements that are living plant based, they also offer fruit baskets, live flowers, and gorgeous succulent gardens. Visit their website to explore their selection or call (212) 319-0242 for more information. 

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