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A Guide to Cleaning Ceiling Moldings June 18, 2020

Astoria, Queens
A Guide to Cleaning Ceiling Moldings, Queens, New York

It’s spring cleaning season, which means tackling the dirt and dust that fills your home’s nooks and crannies. If you have wood moldings or ornamental plaster ceiling decor, these attractive design features can hide plenty of dust and grime. To restore these architectural features to their original glory, learn the tips for cleaning moldings and ornamental plaster below. 

How to Clean Ornamental Ceiling Moldings

1. Dust Regularly 

As you perform weekly cleaning duties, don’t forget to dust your ceilings with an extendable microfiber wand. This five-minute chore will go a long way to keep dust and dirt from accumulating on your molding and making it look dingy. If you can’t find an extendable duster, a broom head with a soft t-shirt draped over it will also trap dust for similar results. 

2. Use a Gentle Cleaner

ornamental plasterMost ceilings will never need to be scrubbed unless they’ve sustained smoke or water damage. To clean your ceiling of kitchen spatters and other stains, use a gentle homemade cleanser made from two tablespoons of ammonia or white vinegar mixed with a quart of warm water. Spray a small amount to spot-clean stubborn stains, but don’t soak it or scrub too hard. Some paints and wood moldings are sensitive to moisture and can sustain damage this way. 

3. Vacuum Carefully

For textured ceiling tiles and ornamental plaster features, using a vacuum with a brush attachment is an excellent way to remove dust. A brush along with suction from the hose will loosen stubborn dirt in narrow crevices that regular dusting can’t reach. Be careful not to knock the vacuum against your moldings as you work. If your home has original plasterwork, these areas are very delicate and should be cleaned with care. 

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