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3 Ways to Make a Custom Kitchen Pet Friendly July 1, 2020

Greenburgh, Westchester
3 Ways to Make a Custom Kitchen Pet Friendly, Greenburgh, New York

The kitchen is likely the part of your home where you and your family spend the most time, so if you're thinking about remodeling, you must think about everyone. This even means including your pet's needs in the design, which will help them feel more comfortable after the change in surroundings. To create the best custom kitchen for everyone, consider these pet-friendly ideas.

How to Make Your Kitchen a Pet Haven

1. Pet Cubbies

Your dog or cat probably loves to follow you to the kitchen while you're cooking. However, if they sit on the floor while you're moving around with kitchen tools, it can be dangerous. Create a safer environment for you and your pet by including a built-in cubby for them where they can watch you from a comfortable distance.

2. Food Station

custom kitchenFiguring out where to store your pet's food can be tough, especially if you buy it in bulk. Including a food station in your custom kitchen design gives you a visually appealing place to everything you need. When your pet is ready to eat, you can scoop dry food from a bin at the top of the station and place it into bowls that pull out from a drawer at the base.

3. Built-In Gate

There are times when you may not want your pet to enter the kitchen. A built-in gate that pulls out from your lower cabinets can help keep your pet safe from potentially harmful foods and also prevent them from jumping on the countertops when you need to step away.


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