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What Causes Printer Jams? April 17, 2020

Jessup, Anne Arundel
What Causes Printer Jams?, Jessup, Maryland

When using a printer, you want to be prepared for the occasional paper jam. While some issues you may be able to solve on your own, more complicated jams will lead to needing a printer repair. The next time you’re having trouble printing, consider the following. 

Common Reasons for Printer Jams

There are several variables that can result in a printer jam. If the causes are any of the following, it could be an easy fix:

  • The paper is inserted crooked

  • The paper is wrinkled or torn

  • The paper is poor quality

  • The cartridges and drums are damaged or misshapen

While problems with your paper or cartridges will cost you a trip to the store, any of the above can be fixed with little to no hassle. Issues that are best left up to printer repair professionals are problems such as:

  • Damaged feed rollers

  • Broken printer trays

  • Paper jams that can’t be accessed

How to Fix Jams

printer repairLuckily, most modern printer manufacturers include plenty of guides, either in the form of decals or on-screen prompts. Regardless of the quality or brand, the access panels and feed controls should be clearly marked.

For most household printers, the process is simple. Remove any paper from the feed tray, then find the “resume printing” function on your control panel to give the machine a chance to clear itself. Remove any visibly jammed paper one sheet at a time, trying to keep them in one piece. Once you are certain no pieces are left behind, reload and test your printer to see if the jam is fully cleared.

If you decide to use better quality paper, replace the consumables and thoroughly clean the feed trays and rollers. If clearing the paper path does not stop the jamming, you may have a mechanical issue like faulty rollers, print carriage issues, or some other deformation. In that situation, you should contact a professional about printer repair.


If you’re having printer problems that you can’t sort out yourself, contact Laser Line. They’ve been in the printer business since 1989, and in addition to service and maintenance, they offer a wide assortment of top-tier multi-function HP devices as an HP Premier Platinum Solutions Partner. Call them today at (410) 636-1700 or visit their website for more information.


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