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4 Benefits of Installing Aluminum Gutters June 6, 2020

Hamilton, La Crosse County
4 Benefits of Installing Aluminum Gutters, Hamilton, Wisconsin

Gutters prevent water from dripping down the exterior walls of the home and flooding the perimeter or basement. There are several materials to consider, but aluminum offers many benefits to keep in mind. Here are four reasons why this option is a popular choice.

Why Should You Consider Buying Aluminum Gutters? 

1. Custom Styles

Aluminum gutters come in thousands of colors that can withstand years of UV exposure without fading.  These channels are readily available in any color you’d like, so you won’t have to paint them, and then repaint them over the years. Aluminum gutters look great on any house because of their customizability, whether you have a craftsman rambler or a modern two-flat. The material’s straight, indented lines are often unnoticeable and won’t take away from the aesthetic of the home.

2. Long Lifespan

gutters La Crosse County WIThese gutters can last up to 30 years, so long as they are maintained. Clean debris from the channels every month or so to prevent sagging. Use a patch kit to repair holes from falling storm debris or high winds. Additionally, replace any sections that are rusting to prevent corrosion from causing moisture damage to your house’s exterior.

3. Lightweight Material

Installing aluminum gutters is easy because the material is so lightweight. The metal can also withstand decades of weathering without sagging because of this factor. Homeowners won’t have to worry about whether their roof is structurally strong enough to install new gutters, as aluminum poses no threat to the soffits and roof edges.

4. Rainguard Compatibility

Rainguards attach to the gutters to prevent debris from entering the channels. These simple devices keep out branches, leaves, and pests, and reduce the likelihood of clogs. Homeowners can skip frequent gutter cleaning and instead inspect these drainage features every month to ensure the rainguards are in-place. 


Homeowners looking for aluminum gutter experts should contact Advanced Seamless Inc. in La Crosse County, WI. The company has been in business since 1989, offering gutter installations and protection like leaf guards. Call this West Salem-area company at (608) 786-2929 or visit their website for information on how using seamless gutters will safeguard your home from moisture issues.

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