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4 Financial Benefits of Home Window Tinting May 19, 2020

Makakilo - Kapolei - Honokai Hale, Ewa
4 Financial Benefits of Home Window Tinting, Ewa, Hawaii

With Hawaii reasonably close to the equator, there’s no shortage of daylight for residents to enjoy, but some homeowners might want to limit the amount of natural sunlight in their homes. Not only can installing window tinting in your home prevent skin problems, but it also offers numerous financial benefits for homeowners.

Why You Should Invest in Home Window Tinting

1. Benefit From Energy Savings

Window tinting deflects the sun’s rays and heat, which helps preserve the cool air inside your home and allows your HVAC system to work efficiently. Not only will your air conditioner experience less wear and tear, but your utility costs will also be lower. 

2. Protect Your Furniture & Other Belongings

window-tinting-hawaiiThe sun emits dangerous UV rays that can fade your furniture and other items prematurely. Exposure to the sun's UV rays can also damage artwork, photographs, and flooring. Rather than frequently replacing these decorations, tinting helps you keep those you have for longer.

3. Extend the Life Span of Your Windows

The sun can shorten the life span of your windows by causing thermal flexing of the glass. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can also soften and break down the vinyl or wood frame over time. A tint deflects these rays, protecting the materials beneath them.

4. Add Security

Windows with tinting applied are much harder to shatter or break, which can deter criminals from attempting to enter your home. Different types of tints are available, including privacy and decorative options.


If you’re interested in applying high-quality window tinting to your home, call the experts at Ohana Tinting in Kapolei, HI. Locally owned and operated since 2013, they specialize in window tint solutions for vehicles, businesses, and homes on Oahu. They offer window films in more than 50 shades. Call (808) 636-6551 to request a consultation, or visit them online to learn more about their services.

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