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Beware the Danger That Lurks Below: Fast Rooter Plumbing Discusses Flooded Basements November 24, 2015

Kaimuki, Honolulu
Beware the Danger That Lurks Below: Fast Rooter Plumbing Discusses Flooded Basements, Honolulu, Hawaii

Flooded basements are bad news. They can result from a multitude of causes, and—without stopping there—lead to a whole host of additional problems. One big part of keeping your basement dry, however, is just keeping tabs on your plumbing: Getting pipe leaks repaired, clearing blockages, and staying vigilant after storms, all go a long way. Here to talk more about the dangers of a flooded basement is Fast Rooter Plumbing, Honolulu's premier plumbing professionals:

  • It's A Sign Of Other Problems: When your basement floods, it's a safe bet that your home is facing other issues now. For example, your septic tank is almost certainly overflowing, too, after a big flood. Your basement may also be flooded because of broken pipes and leaks that only a plumbing expert can handle. Fast Rooter Plumbing would be glad to assess the damage.
  • Bad News For Indoor Air Quality & Home Stability: Standing water in your basement harbors mold and mildew, which are dangerous to inhale, especially since basements are often poorly ventilated. Standing water can also seep into your home's infrastructure, leading to wood bowing, cracking, and foundation damage.
  • Beware Of Pumping Too Soon: It is important to pump water slowly out of a flooded basement to best avoid structural damage and wall collapses. The reason is that the ground outside of your basement will still be saturated right after a flood, and a sudden loss of pressure on the inside could cause a collapse from the higher pressure outside.
  • Drinking Water May Be Unsafe: If your whole area has just experienced flooding, don't drink any tap water without hearing an official safety announcement; it may also be worth scheduling professional water testing. The possibility of contamination is high after a flood.

Are you concerned about pipe leaks or flooding in your home? Get it checked out before it gets worse, and call Fast Rooter Plumbing at (808) 734-4938. To view all office locations on Oahu and for a complete list of services, visit them online.

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