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3 Reasons to Sealcoat Driveways & Parking Lots June 1, 2020

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3 Reasons to Sealcoat Driveways & Parking Lots, ,

After installing a new driveway or parking lot, sealcoating will protect your new feature. The liquid treatment provides a smooth, even layer on the surface of the asphalt and is usually applied around six months to a year after initial installation. It can also be added to older surfaces that need a refresher. While it's an optional service, it offers many advantages to property owners.

Why You Should Sealcoat Your Driveway or Parking Lot

1. Prevent Damage

When applied correctly, the sealcoat creates a barrier between the asphalt and the rest of the world. This coating helps block out moisture and reduces the risk of water-related cracking.

It also prevents chemicals and other harmful substances from breaking down the asphalt. By reducing these risks, the treatment saves property owners money on repairs and premature replacement. If you sealcoat your company’s parking lot, you can avoid damage that would otherwise detract from your business.

2. Reduce Maintenance

sealcoatingThe smooth finish created by the coating makes it easy to clean. Regular precipitation is often enough to wash away debris, but in drier seasons, washing it off with a hose or sweeping with a broom is sufficient. Yearly power-washing is also recommended to remove any buildups.

Since the protective coating reduces the impact of the elements, the need for annual crack repairs is minimal throughout the lifespan of the treatment. At the most, you’ll only need repairs every three to five years, depending on usage level. 

3. Enhance Aesthetic Appeal

Sealcoating creates a perfectly even black surface. While new asphalt surfaces are eye-catching on their own, the added layer helps maintain that visual effect for much longer. If you want your business to stand out, sealcoat the surrounding asphalt to give it a fresh, modern look.

Additionally, the coating blocks UV rays and slows sunlight-related fading, so the longevity of the finish is extended. On older surfaces, it helps freshen the overall appearance and provides consistent coloring as it can hide patches and small cracks that take away from the aesthetic appeal. 

Want to reap the benefits of sealcoating on your driveway or parking lot? Reach out to the team at James Young Paving in Orange County, NY. For more than 40 years, homeowners and business owners across the Hudson Valley region have relied on this trusted paving contractor for high-quality work. From surface installation to maintenance, the licensed team is committed to dependable services. Browse their specialties online or request an estimate at (845) 692-6998.

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