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A Guide to Preparing Your Boat for the Summer May 21, 2020

Silver Springs, Wyoming
A Guide to Preparing Your Boat for the Summer, Silver Springs, New York

With the summer approaching, the perfect weather for boating is on the way. Whether you have a new boat awaiting its maiden voyage or your favorite vessel is in storage, you’ll need to make adequate preparations to ensure a fun experience on the water. From boat repair to adding safety necessities, here are a few steps to take.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Wash the hull and deck with a gentle cleanser and clean the windows and other exterior surfaces. Wipe down smaller details like the wipers, and check that all drains are clear. Once cleaned, polish and wax the vessel. If you notice damage, schedule boat repair.

boat repairIf your vessel has been sitting in storage for months, it will need a tuneup. Mechanics will check for corrosion or rot in metal components and hoses. They can test the electrical system and engine and will replenish the necessary fluids.

Boat repair and maintenance ensure spark plugs are working and that your filters are replaced if necessary. The battery should be inspected for rusting or corrosion so that you don’t lose power.

If you’re using a trailer to haul the boat to the marina, ensure there are no rusted parts and that brake lights and signals are working for road safety.


It’s vital that your boat has the right safety equipment on board. First, ensure your registration is current and that your license is in good standing. Stock your vessel with Coast Guard-approved life jackets. There should be one for every person who will sail with you. Make sure there are also throw cushions that can be used as flotation devices.

For emergencies, check that you have the correct fire extinguishers. Boats less than 26 feet in length require one B-1 hand portable extinguisher while boats between 26 and 40 feet need at least two. Boats between 40 and 65 feet require at least three.

In addition, visual distress signals, or flares, for nighttime use are required for all boats, but vessels larger than 16 feet need signals for the day as well. Also, ensure you have navigation lights for night time and low visibility along with whistles or bells to alert nearby boats.


If you want to purchase a new boat, are looking for a rental, or need boat repair, contact Silver Lake Marine in Silver Springs, NY.  They’ve been serving Rochester, Buffalo, and the surrounding areas since 1979. With five lines of boats and the largest showroom in the Finger Lakes, they’re the number one Crestliner® dealer in the Northeast. The dealership also provides dockage service so that you have a safe place to store your vessel. To speak with a friendly customer service representative, call (585) 237-5185. Visit their website for a look at their current inventory.

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