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4 Benefits of Video Sewer Inspections June 1, 2020

Norwalk, Fairfield County
4 Benefits of Video Sewer Inspections, Norwalk, Connecticut

Clogged pipes and drain backups can be large inconveniences in the home. Depending on the severity, plumbers deploy many expert techniques to get to the root of the problem. One effective solution is a video sewer inspection. Using special detection equipment, plumbers pinpoint obstructions and make the necessary repairs. Here are several benefits of using the camera monitoring equipment. 

4 Ways Video Sewer Inspections Can Benefit You

1. Eliminates Digging

The process of locating the source of a sewer clog would typically require digging several feet into a homeowner’s yard. If the sewer line is situated near a walkway or driveway, both areas are susceptible to damage.

With a video sewer inspection, invasive and time-consuming digging is not needed. The cameras are made to travel deep down into sewers and provide clear visuals of the obstruction.

2. Detects Leaks

The best way to prevent costly and major water leaks is by catching them when they’re small. Minor ruptures in plumbing can be detected with video sewer inspection cameras. The equipment can zoom in on pipe walls and other areas. Plumbers can scan for cracks and fissures before they become large holes. 

3. Offers Cost Efficiency

Tvideo sewer inspectionshe labor involved in digging the sewer line can be expensive. Between the excavation equipment and manpower, the costs are typically on top of any repairs needed.

Video sewer inspection is a more cost-efficient solution because it doesn’t require extra labor costs. 

4. Provides Faster Results

Your home relies on quality plumbing for cooking, bathing, cleaning, and doing laundry. When there’s a clog, these tasks don’t get the attention they deserve.

Instead of the significant time it takes for sewer line digs, repairs, and cleanup, a video sewer inspection speeds up the process. Plumbing problems are detected faster, which means your drains and pipes are back in proper-working order to resume household chores. 



All Star Rooter, Sewer and Drain Cleaning is the professional company residents and business owners throughout Fairfield County, CT, call on for expert video sewer inspections. The locally owned firm specializes in offering impeccable drain and sewer cleaning service and repairs. To learn more about video sewer inspections, visit their website and call (203) 286-4498 to schedule an appointment. Be sure to ask about their 10% discount for seniors and veterans, as well as $25 off any service up to $500.

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