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4 Tips for Taking the DMV Road Test May 15, 2020

Beechwood, Rochester
4 Tips for Taking the DMV Road Test, Rochester, New York

The DMV road test is a critical step in getting your New York driver's license, as it'll assess your ability to operate a vehicle safely and navigate the roads according to the state's traffic laws. To get a passing score, you must show that you know how to correctly handle a variety of driving situations and basic maneuvers. It can be a nerve-wracking and challenging experience, so prepare with these simple tips to achieve a positive outcome.

How to Pass Your New York Road Test

1. Get Enough Practice

Before taking the road test, get in as much driving time as possible. The more practice you have behind the wheel, the more comfortable you'll be when it comes to controlling the car, and the better your driving skills will become. The New York DMV also requires teen drivers to finish a minimum of 50 hours of supervised driving practice before scheduling a road test, so be sure to at least hit that benchmark.

2. Use a Car You’re Familiar With

road testTaking the test in a vehicle you're already familiar with will allow you to properly adjust the mirrors, seat, and steering wheel ahead of time. It'll also ensure you know where all the controls are for features you may need to use while driving, such as the turn signals, windshield wipers, and headlights. Additionally, you'll be aware of how sensitive the car's pedals are so you can avoid applying too much pressure when accelerating or braking.

3. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Remain observant of what's going on around your vehicle during the test, so you can identify and avoid potential hazards. This will also prevent you from missing road signs informing you of certain driving behaviors you should be following. Be on the lookout for stop signs, posted speed limits, and school zone warnings.

4. Obey All Traffic Laws

Your road test examiner will be watching closely to make sure you're obeying all the traffic laws. Aside from going no faster than the speed limit, also ensure you maintain a safe following distance, always use your signals when necessary, and don't go over the crosswalk when stopping at an intersection.


If you’re looking to get all the knowledge and skills you need to pass your road test successfully, contact Morgan School of Driving. With locations in Rochester, Greece, and Fairport, NY, they make it convenient for residents throughout Monroe County to complete the state-required pre-licensing class for new drivers. They’ve been providing high-quality driving instruction for more than 75 years and also offer students a safe, reliable vehicle to take the test in if necessary. Call (585) 425-2410 to reserve your spot, or visit them online to learn more about the education you’ll receive.

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