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3 Ways Insurance Can Help In the Shifting Oil Industry June 3, 2020

Lovington, Lea
3 Ways Insurance Can Help In the Shifting Oil Industry, Lovington, New Mexico

The oil industry is notorious for its volatility, as the prices are always changing. Part of your job as an oilfield operator is to manage that shifting industry to reduce risk while navigating complex legal requirements. An oil & gas insurance agent can assist you with risk management in a few important ways.

How Oil & Gas Insurance Helps With Risk Management

1. Contractual Renegotiations

It’s common for companies to try to renegotiate their service contracts as prices and demand change.  A contract that can cut costs might seem favorable at first, but it could unexpectedly shift liability from the operator to the contractor. If you’re newly exposed with some assumed liability, your insurance agent and insurance underwriters can work with you to determine whether and how these newly exposed liabilities can be covered by your policies.  

2. Risk Financing

lovington insuranceTechnology in the industry is expensive, so your company may have extensive financing to keep up with the latest advancements. If your debt ratio is already high, you may have trouble securing collateral for risk transfer programs. Oil & gas insurance can lower deductibles or use a guaranteed cost program to eliminate cost uncertainty.

3. Tiered Insurance Requirements

Contracts typically outline the insurance requirements including limits, coverage for subcontractors or other insurance providers, and lines of coverage. The agreement will require one party to obtain insurance and provide additional insured status to the other party. Your insurance agent and legal counsel can determine the appropriate limits and coverage arrangements.


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