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3 Reasons to Wrap Your Personal Vehicle May 27, 2020

East New York, Brooklyn
3 Reasons to Wrap Your Personal Vehicle, Brooklyn, New York

Car wraps are vinyl coverings that are often used for advertising a business’ services on company vehicles. However, consumers are increasingly using them for their personal cars as well, as they come with many unique benefits. If you’re considering an aesthetic enhancement for your vehicle, here are a few reasons to invest in a wrap.

Why You Should Add a Car Wrap to Your Vehicle

1. Personalize Your Ride

Car wraps allow you to personalize your vehicle without having to invest in a costly paint job. Whether you want to add eye-catching flair with a color-shifting surface or cover up mediocre paintwork you've had done in the past, wraps are an affordable and aesthetically pleasing way to enhance your car's visual impact. You can even use them to change the color of your vehicle. Plus, should you ever change your mind, wraps are entirely removable and won't damage the paint underneath.

2. Add Protection

car wrapWraps don't cause any damage, and they can even protect your vehicle's paint from other dangers. This vinyl surface acts as an extra layer to safeguard your car against minor blemishes caused by shopping carts, kicked up gravel, and precipitation. Additionally, it forms a buffer between your car's paint and damaging UV rays to help prevent fading.

3. Become a Brand Promoter

Whether you're building your own startup, you want to support a friend or family member who runs a business, or you're interested in becoming a brand ambassador for a company you're passionate about, car wraps are the perfect way to spread the word. Your car doesn't have to be an official company vehicle to capture other motorists' attention and get them to notice a particular brand.


No matter your objective behind having a car wrap installed, DTM Signs and Truck Wraps is your best source for quality wraps and installation services. Serving Brooklyn, NY, this team specializes in truck lettering, wraps, and banners that’ll capture the attention of onlookers and turn heads for all the right reasons. Browse through their portfolio of completed projects on their website, or call (347) 312-5488 to request a quote. Financing is also now available, so find out more and apply here.

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