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3 Tips for Confidently Delivering a Eulogy May 20, 2020

Canandaigua, Ontario
3 Tips for Confidently Delivering a Eulogy, Canandaigua, New York

If you lost a loved one, you might feel compelled to give a eulogy at their funeral. This can be an excellent way to express your feelings and honor your loved one in front of family and friends. If you’re unsure how to deliver the speech, consult the guide below.

A Guide to Giving the Best Eulogy

1. Write Down What You Want to Say

Writing down your speech will help you figure out what you want to say and organize your thoughts. Start with a short biography of your loved one, then include some anecdotes, memories, or special qualities they possessed.

Preparing your eulogy beforehand will make it easier to collect your thoughts and give a structured speech. You’ll get some time to think of the best anecdotes about your loved one and write them down in the most compelling way. Writing your thoughts down will make it easier to deliver a eulogy you’re proud of that speaks to your loved one’s heart.

2. Practice the Eulogy Several Times

funeralIf you say your eulogy out loud for the first time at the funeral, you may experience an unexpected emotional reaction or stumble on a few words out of nervousness. Practice your eulogy several times before the ceremony to boost your confidence, either in front of a mirror or to a few family members. This will help you deliver the speech at a steady and clear pace, as well as a sensitive and nurturing tone.

3. Prepare for Your Emotions

You’ll likely get a little emotional during your eulogy. This is a completely normal reaction. If you start to cry during the eulogy, stop for a few seconds and gather your thoughts. It’s perfectly acceptable to pause when you need to. When you’re ready, pick up where you left off. If you’re nervous, ask a family member to stand next to you during the speech and hold their hand to ease your nerves.



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