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3 Ways Rain Impacts Septic Tanks June 3, 2020

Brady, Saginaw
3 Ways Rain Impacts Septic Tanks, Brady, Michigan

As septic tanks are only installed a few inches or feet underground, heavy rainfall or consistent showers can affect equipment performance. That’s why many homeowners need septic services after rainy weather. So you can take precautions in anticipation of damp conditions, below are a few things to know about septic tank issues that could arise.

What Happens to Septic Tanks When It Rains

1. Clogs

When moisture evaporates, particles left behind can stick to the septic system’s porous equipment. You might need a septic services specialist to remove silt and other grime from the chambers and pipes in the drainfield. Otherwise, the debris could begin to accumulate in your plumbing and cause clogs and sewage backups inside the house. 

2. Flooding

Oakley-Michigan-septic-servicesWhen soil becomes saturated with rainwater, perforated pipes in the drainfield can’t release waste for further treatment. The liquid will backup in the tank as a result, causing the container to overflow. Sewage could seep to the ground surface, creating smelly puddles in the yard that won’t evaporate. Reducing water usage temporarily will limit how much wastewater enters the tank, allowing time for the levels to be restored. 

3. Cracks

If you have an older tank, the tension from flooding could cause the walls or lid to crack. This means more water will seep in while sewage leaks out and standing wastewater will accumulate in the yard. A septic services specialist can assess the situation to determine whether cement filler will fix the cracks or if equipment replacement is the best option.


If your septic tank doesn’t drain naturally after damp soil dries, contact the technicians at Sloan's Septic Tank Service in Oakley, MI, for help. Serving clients for over 80 years, these professionals provide prompt, dependable septic tank cleaning, pumping, and repairs to prevent equipment malfunctions. The friendly technicians are always eager to answer questions and provide troubleshooting advice. Learn about their septic services available 24/7 and portable toilet rentals online and call (989) 845-6280 for a free estimate in Saginaw County. 

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