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3 Ways to Prepare Your Pet for Dog Boarding May 15, 2020

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3 Ways to Prepare Your Pet for Dog Boarding, Richland VII, Nebraska

When going out of town for vacation or business, you want to rest assured your dog is in good hands for the duration of your trip. Pet boarding ensures all of your dog’s needs will be met while you’re gone and—if it comes with a dog day care—then your furry family member can enjoy their time romping with other dogs. If your pup has never been boarded before, use the following tips to prepare for their first experience. 

How to Make Your Dog’s Pet Boarding Experience a Positive One

1. Introduce Your Dog to the Staff

Some dogs can be skittish around people they’re not familiar with. This causes anxiety in a boarding situation, which can make it more difficult for your pet as well as boarding staff. Therefore, have your dog meet the employees to assuage some anxiety.

They can take a tour of the boarding facility, which will get them acclimated to the sights, sounds, and smells. They may also spend a day at dog day camp, making some new canine friends and getting used to the environment before their multi-day stay.

2. Bring Familiar Items From Home

Tpet boardingoys, blankets, and pet beds will all remind your dog of home while they’re away, which can help with nerves. Items that smell of you can also ease anxiety since they will be able to sense your presence even when you are away.

3. Take Your Dog to the Vet Beforehand

Ensure your pet is up-to-date on all their vaccines before taking them to a pet boarding facility. Not only do most facilities require it to prevent diseases from spreading, but it will only add to your dog’s distress if they become ill and you are not there. You should also apply flea medication to your pet to prevent them from picking up any unwanted pests. 


Looking for your dog’s home away from home? In Omaha, NE, The Paw Spa Pet Resort is well-known among local pet owners for their kind, experienced service. Multiple packages are available to ensure you can board your pet without breaking your budget. They make sure that all animals in their care have access to playtime and nutritious treats, which ensures your pet will be comfortable. They even provide access to a live webcam feed, which allows you to observe your dog at play. Call (402) 516-8888 to reserve a spot. Visit the website to see a gallery of past guests. 

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