Carmel, New York

Call Great Bear Septic Service for 24-Hour Emergency Septic Service in Putnam, Dutchess, & Westchester Counties November 19, 2015

Carmel, Putnam
Call Great Bear Septic Service for 24-Hour Emergency Septic Service in Putnam, Dutchess, & Westchester Counties, Carmel, New York

Great Bear Septic Service is Mahopac, New York's most-trusted septic company. With over 30 years of experience, owner Michael Milo and his team of skilled technicians are dedicated to providing your residential or commercial property with top-notch septic service, cleaning, and repair. Whether you're experiencing a septic emergency or you'd like your grease trap cleaned, Great Bear Septic Service can handle the job, all at an affordable price.

What separates Great Bear Septic Service from their competitors? Fast service and long-lasting solutions. These highly-trained septic servicemen have the tools and the know-how to assess your tank, pinpoint the problem, and provide a long-term fix. 

If you need a septic, sewer, or grease trap inspection, here's why you should choose Great Bear Septic Service to take care of the job for you:

  • 24-hour Service: In order to meet the needs of the local community, Great Bear Septic Service operates below capacity, meaning they're available around-the-clock to provide quality work when you need them the most.
  • Affordable Prices: Just because the friendly staff at Great Bear Septic Service works long hours doesn't mean that they jack-up their prices—these lifelong area residents keep their costs low to keep your water flowing without having to break the bank.
  • Quick Fix: Servicing Putnam, Dutchess, and Westchester counties, Great Bear Septic Service answers their phones all of the time, promising to arrive at your property promptly and resolve septic and sewer emergencies as quickly as possible.

If you live in the Mahopac, NY, area and need reliable septic solutions, trust Great Bear Septic Service to show up ready to work at any time of the day or night. Contact Great Bear Septic Service today by calling (845) 621-0250, or visit them online for more information.

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