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3 Solutions for Children's Teeth Grinding May 25, 2020

Honolulu, Honolulu
3 Solutions for Children's Teeth Grinding, Honolulu, Hawaii

Teeth grinding, or bruxism, is a common condition among children that can lead to dental issues. Grinding wears down tooth enamel, which can result in sensitivity when consuming something hot or cold. It can also cause jaw soreness or frequent headaches. Sometimes, children even chip their teeth in their sleep. Consult a pediatric dentist if you notice your child grinding their teeth, and try some of these solutions to stop the habit.

3 Tricks to Help Stop Teeth Grinding

1. Avoid Caffeine

Consuming caffeine can contribute to hyperactivity that can lead to children grinding their teeth in their sleep. While your child may not be drinking coffee just yet, they could be eating chocolate or drinking a soda too close to their bedtime. If they’re going to have caffeine, make sure it’s earlier in the day.

pedatric dentist2. De-Stress Before Bedtime

Creating a nighttime routine will help your child’s body relax before they sleep. Establish a “no electronics” rule 30 minutes before bedtime. Instead of watching television or playing video games, have them read a book or listen to soothing music to signal to their brain that it’s time to rest.

3. Ask About a Mouth Guard

To protect your child’s teeth, a pediatric dentist can customize a mouthguard for them to wear at night. It’s designed to mold to their teeth, providing the most comfortable fit and preventing them from grinding.


If you would like to consult with a pediatric dentist about your child’s teeth grinding, head to Pediatric Dentistry Kahala in Honolulu, HI. Led by Dr. Allen K. Hirai, who has over 24 years of experience, the clinic provides a welcoming environment to help kids of all ages feel comfortable during their appointments. For more information about their services, visit them online, or call (808) 737-0076 to make an appointment.

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