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Why National American Occupational Safety & Health Week Matters May 4, 2020

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Why National American Occupational Safety & Health Week Matters, Fairbanks, Alaska

North American Occupational Safety and Health Week happens this May 3–9, 2020. Inspired by Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Week (COHS) that started in 1986, NAOSH Week began in June of 1997 and has spread awareness about the importance of workplace safety since. Learn what makes occupational safety an essential part of health care and what you can do to participate in NAOSH Week.

The Importance of Safety in the Workplace

Workplace safety ranks high among employee and employer concerns. Safe premises reduce the number of annual workplace accidents and injuries, avoiding issues such as chronic pain, ongoing medical costs, workers’ compensation disputes, and related stress.

health careSecure commercial and industrial premises also contribute to employee productivity. Employers who do more than the minimum to maintain safe premises make employees feel valued, resulting in higher productivity levels compared to unsafe work environments. Employees focus on daily tasks instead of feeling worried or scared because their workplaces are hazardous.

Factors Contributing to Unsafe Workplaces

Numerous factors increase workplace hazards. Wet or oily floors, loose floorboards, and broken stairways, walkways, and steps all increase the chances of slip and fall accidents that can cause head and back injuries.

Poorly maintained equipment also decreases work environment safety, as does lack of training that causes employees to use equipment incorrectly.

Insufficient lighting, lack of hygienic products such as antibacterial soap, poor cleaning practices, and missing safety items such as stair and guard rails contribute to unsafe work environments as well.

How Your Company Can Help Spread Awareness

Join health care workers and other professionals participating in North American Occupational Safety and Health Week to increase awareness of workplace safety. Hold refresher training sessions with your team to remind them of safe work practices—have them virtually in light of COVID-19.

Post the events to the North American Occupational Safety and Health Week website to show your support. You can also partner with fellow employers to discuss safety standards and how everyone in your community can work together for better, healthier workplaces. 


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