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3 Signs Your Child Might Need Eyeglasses May 21, 2020

Crown Heights, Brooklyn
3 Signs Your Child Might Need Eyeglasses, Brooklyn, New York

Determining early signs of vision problems can help your child improve their performance in and outside of school. As parents, you need to ensure that your child gets the right nutrition and practices healthy eye care habits, such as watching TV from a distance and managing screen time. However, if you still see the following signs amid preventative measures, you might need to take them to a doctor to see if they need eyeglasses to correct their vision.

How to Know That Your Child Has Vision Problems

1. Weak Hand-Eye Coordination

When writing, eyeglasseschildren use their eyes to aim for the lines and their hands to perform the task. For biking, their eyes see the road they travel while their hands guide the bike. If you notice that your child has poor handwriting, it means they have poor hand-eye coordination, which may be a sign that they have vision problems. Have their eyes checked by a professional to determine if they need eyeglasses.

2. Fatigue & Headache

If your child stays in front of the computer for too long or watches TV too closely, they may begin to complain of headaches or demonstrate an inability to focus. This is because they’ve strained their eyes from the screen’s blue light. 

This decreases the blinking rate that keeps the eyes moisturized. Continued blue light exposure may also damage their retina. Supervise your child to ensure they practice proper eye care habits.

3. Squinting & Head-Tilting

Compensating mechanisms like squinting and head-tiling allow children to alleviate their vision problems temporarily. For example, children with nearsightedness will squint their eyes to see objects that are far away. They’ll also tilt their heads to relieve eye strain or to see better. If you notice these signs, take them to a vision care center for an eye exam.


If you think your child has vision problems, take them to Clear Vision Center in Brooklyn, NY. With over a decade of experience, they perform reliable eye exams to determine vision problems and offer solutions to prevent the condition from worsening. They also provide a variety of frames for your eyeglasses, and their optician will help you find one that best fits your style and needs. If you have questions about their eye care services, leave them a message on their website or call (718) 771-0078.

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