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3 Reasons to Build a Retaining Wall May 11, 2020

Grant, Lancaster
3 Reasons to Build a Retaining Wall, Grant, Nebraska

Retaining walls are common landscaping features that serve an important function while improving the appearance of yards. When properly constructed, they prevent soil erosion by confining unstable ground, providing a wall that stops the soil from sliding downhill when it rains. If you’re uncertain whether you need a retaining wall, consider these benefits.

Why You Need a Retaining Wall

1. It Gives Shape to a Sloped Yard

If your home sits below a hill or atop a steep incline, a retaining wall can turn the slope into a useable plateau that prevents water runoff. By flattening and retaining the hill, you create an easy space to plant a garden, grow flowers, or build a patio. A retaining wall can also protect your home’s foundation from excessive water runoff. 

2. It Provides Support to Unstable Ground

retaining wallUnstable ground can be caused by poor drainage. As a result, sinkholes, hills, and dirt piles can develop on your property. Retaining walls hold soil in place that might otherwise move downwards, contributing to these scenarios. By stabilizing a particular area with a retaining wall, you protect buildings and structures on your property from flooding and other damage.

3. It Improves the Appearance of Your Yard

Besides being functional, retaining walls are also decorative features that can dramatically improve the curb appeal of a home. They can be constructed with concrete, stones, or wood, and they offer an attractive backdrop for planters and lighting while also keeping an area shaded from sunlight or wind. 


Homeowners in Lincoln, NE, will find expert help installing retaining walls from the experts at Dreamscapes. For more than 30 years, this local landscaping company has helped residents transform their yard into a backyard oasis. Using stone products that range in size, color, and texture, they design attractive features to complement the existing style of your home. Call (402) 421-7496 to request a consultation or visit them online to learn more about their services. 

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