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4 Reasons to Use a Sheet Metal Sign May 1, 2020

Okolona, Central Jefferson
4 Reasons to Use a Sheet Metal Sign, Central Jefferson, Kentucky

If you need signage to ensure people can find your company or as directional signage in a parking lot, consider aluminum sheet signs. This metal marketing option offers many benefits that business owners should keep in mind. Here are four factors to think about.

Why You Should Consider Ordering an Aluminum Sheet Sign

1. Strength

Companies interested in creating exterior signs will appreciate that metal signage is sturdy and durable. Outdoor signs, like street signs, are often 0.80 gauge to 0.125 gauge aluminum because the metal is thick and sturdy, lasting many years without needing repairs or replacement. Smaller signs that are attached directly to building walls are usually about 0.040 gauge; they don’t need to be as thick since they have the structural support of the wall. 

2. Flexibility 

aluminum sheet Cincinnati OHAluminum is strong, yet pliable, so you can customize it in many ways. A processing company can stretch, fold, cut, bend, and hole punch the material.

You may choose raised letters to add dimension to your company name or contact information. Words and numbers can also be burned into the metal to creatively use negative space. 

3. Weatherproofing

Outdoor signs must be able to withstand unique weather conditions. Aluminum can handle rain without corroding and won’t bend during heavy storms. It also endures sunlight and heat, which is crucial if the aluminum sheet will not be protected from the elements. Using UV-resistant paints to coat the metal ensures it will be visible for many months to come.

4. Affordability

Aluminum sheet metal signs are often less expensive than wood or plastic options. The raw material is cost-effective, and the processing is more affordable, too. Since aluminum is lightweight, it is inexpensive to ship; plus, aluminum signs last for many years, making them an excellent investment in your long-term marketing efforts. 


If you’re interested in an aluminum sheet sign, contact American Metal Supply Co., with locations in Cincinnati, OH, and Louisville, KY. The company offers plastic and metal distribution and processing. Visit their new, improved website for a complete list of available materials including rolled, sawed, formed, sheared, or burned metal. Call (502) 634-4321 to speak with a representative.

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