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4 Necessary Items to Include on a Business Card April 9, 2020

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4 Necessary Items to Include on a Business Card, Florissant, Missouri

When passing out business cards for business networking, you want yours to stand out among the rest and to keep people intrigued and interested in your business after you walk away. There are ways to improve your success through your business card’s design. Below are four necessary pieces of information to include on your business card.

What to Add to Your Business Card

1. Your Name & Position

Be sure to include your name, first and last. Put the name that you prefer being called, not your proper full name. When business networking, you would like to start a relationship, so use the name you prefer when introducing yourself and getting to know others. Also, include your job title on the card. Try to keep it simple and easily recognizable. Maybe your role includes many facets but try to keep your title clear and concise.

2. Your Contact Information

business networkingThe entire point of sharing business cards when business networking is to supply others with a means of contacting you. Make this information as easy to find as possible. Include your phone number, email, website, and social media profiles if all are relevant. Your card should list your direct number and email so others can contact you easily.

3. Your Logo

Do you have a brand that includes a certain look, font, logo, or tagline? If so, include it on your business card. You want your business and your card to coincide as much as possible. This will help people correlate you with your company and better remember it. Having a certain branded color and look will help people remember you and recognize your company after your first interaction.

4. Space

A cluttered card will get thrown away. People will not take in the crowded text or remember all the information you are trying to convey. Minimize your card down to the essential pieces of information and leave a fair amount of white space.

With that said, you can still have some fun when designing your card. Make the card emulate your brand. While you will include your logo, you also want the card itself to exemplify your company’s potential. For example, if you are a graphic designer, you want to make your card pop with color and creativity, because design work is what you specialize in. When your card stands out, you and your company will stand out, too.


If you’re interested in business networking opportunities in and around Florissant, MO, sign up to be a part of the Greater North County Chamber of Commerce. Their exciting events attract a diverse community of individuals and entities around the area. They host events like legislative breakfasts and job fairs, so you can meet professionals in your field who are a part of your community. Visit their website or call (314) 831-3500 to get a membership application today.

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