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Enjoy The Health & Beauty Benefits of a Relaxing Pedicure From Gravity Hair Studio in Brooklyn November 30, 2015

Gravesend, Brooklyn
Enjoy The Health & Beauty Benefits of a Relaxing Pedicure From Gravity Hair Studio in Brooklyn, Brooklyn, New York

Gravity Hair Studio provides expert and stylish haircuts along with a great selection of other beauty services to clients in the heart of Brooklyn. From hair coloring and highlights to manicures and pedicures, their medley of beauty amenities will help you treat yourself to a day of pampering.

Pedicures are great for keeping your feet clean and healthy. When you get a pedicure from Gravity Hair Studio, your feet will not only look pretty, but they will also reap the following health benefits:

  • Decreased Chance Of Infection: Toenail clipping and cleaning prevents them from becoming ingrown and infected. Eliminating dirt and bacteria from the feet helps to prevent nail diseases and foot odor.
  • Moisturized & Exfoliated Skin: when you get a pedicure, warm water and oils are massaged into your feet to lock in moisture. When your feet are properly moisturized, they will be less susceptible to cracked heels and other foot problems. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, which prevents them from accumulating and causing bunions or corns. It also allows for new cell growth, which will beautify your feet and make them feel smoother.
  • Improved Circulation: Perhaps the most decadent part of a pedicure is the foot massage. In addition to feeling amazing, it improves circulation and relieves tension. Improved circulation helps your body distribute heat and reduces pain.
  • Relaxation: Ultimately, a pedicure is a deeply relaxing, therapeutic experience. It will relieve stress, ease tension, and enhance your overall wellbeing.

Gravity Hair Studio in Brooklyn will make you feel like a queen with their array of luxurious and relaxing beauty services. Their knowledgeable stylists will make you look and feel like your best self, and the classy comfort of their salon will make you feel right at home. Call them at (201) 217-0088 today to schedule an appointment.