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Understanding Sports Car Insurance April 21, 2020

Andalusia, Covington
Understanding Sports Car Insurance, Andalusia, Alabama

Sports, exotic, and antique cars are a significant investment and offer a unique driving experience. It’s important to purchase auto insurance for these vehicles since you’ll need coverage that’s specific to them. Below is a complete guide to sports and exotic car insurance to ensure you’re protecting your investment.

What Is Sports Car Insurance?

auto-insurance-andalusiaSports car insurance covers the unique features of exotic, sport, and high-performance vehicles. These cars are commonly two-seaters and have a racing engine, which is determined by the insurer. Exotic vehicles may be custom or foreign models that are considered out-of-the-ordinary. Auto insurance carriers take these classifications in mind while also considering the car’s make, size, weight, horsepower, and numbers of cylinders.

Why Is It Necessary?

Sports cars can easily reach high speeds, increasing the potential for an accident. While you may not drive recklessly or have a clean driving record, auto insurance providers have to assume this is a possibility. These vehicles also lack many of the safety features that standard cars have, such as air bags, and are at higher risk of theft because of their value.

Many, especially exotic and antique cars, have rare parts, which can make repairs and replacements costlier. Auto insurance carriers take all of this into account so that they’re covered.

What Does It Cover?

Sports car insurance covers theft, repairs, injury, and accidents up to a value relevant to the car. Because of this, insurance premiums can be much higher than standard auto coverage. It’s important to work closely with your insurance carrier to receive the lowest monthly rate.

If the sports car is a recreational vehicle, you may receive a discount relevant to the number of miles you drive each year. Additionally, a clean driving record can also lower your monthly rates, since it shows you’re less likely to get into an accident or receive a traffic violation.


If you’re looking for insurance coverage in the Andalusia, AL, area, contact Tim Bryan Insurance. He offers a large selection of coverage, including health, business, home, and life insurance. Call (334) 222-1460 to schedule a consultation or contact him online.

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